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How can I sign up?

You can sign up 3 easy ways:

Online, in-office with one of our participating providers, or over the phone. Signing up is simple and quick.

How often can I use my plan?

As often as you want! Simply present your membership card and pay the discounted fees for services rendered. You save on every visit every, every time.

How soon after I sign up can I use my plan?

Our plans are good to use immediately after you sign up. Better yet you can sign up 3 easy ways:

Online, in office with our providers or over the phone. Signing up take just a few minutes and you're connected!

How much can I expect to save with Dental Connect?

Savings on Dental Connect range from 20% off for specialty services to up to 80% off with some services. Typically you can expect your dental bill to be reduced by several hundred dollars, with more comprehensive treatment savings usually in the the thousands.

To see an example of savings you could expect click here.

Is this dental insurance?

This is NOT dental insurance, but rather a discount plan. Discount dental plans are a simple way to save money on dental work. A dental plan member goes to a dentist in the provider network and pays much less for the work being done.

For a basic description of the process, click here to see how it works.

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