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About Us

Dental Connect is committed to making quality dental care affordable and accessible to our valued members. Our discount plans are designed to help our members address their dental care needs as they arise. We work hand in hand with surrounding communities and world-class providers to ensure we connect you to the best that dental care has to offer today.

We pride ourselves on being innovative, leading-edge and sensitive to the needs of the community.

Our plans offer several advantages:

•One, easy to use plan with discounts on all dental care, general and specialty.

•Our Fair Fee Guarantee. Other plans price their fees based on demographics, meaning you could pay more just because of where you live. We believe in fairness and have one simple, fair set of fees. It’s easy to understand and allows you to have financial peace of mind.

•Same-Day activation for all plans. Your plan is ready to use as soon as you enroll, meaning you can use your plan the same day, perfect for dental emergencies or unforeseen dental needs.


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