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Sample Savings
Procedure Usual Fee Discounted Fee Savings
Adult Routine Cleaning (prophy) $96 $56 $40
Child Routine Cleaning (prophy) $71 $41 $30
Single Crown $1055 $640 $415
Build Up (with Pins) $281 $162 $119
Root Canal Therapy (Front Tooth) $755 $475 $280
Root Canal Therapy (Bi-Cus id) $869 $553 $316
Root Canal Therapy (Molar) $1078 $685 $393
Scaling (Per Quadrant) $252 $160 $92
Surgical Extraction $289 $165 $124
Full Upper Denture (replacement) $1690 $1015 $675
Partial Denture (Upper or Lower) $1748 $1075 $675
Implant (with Abutment and Crown) $4620 $5461 $2159

Dental Savings Made Easy

Dental connect is an affordable discount plan that can save you hundreds even thousands off your dental care. For as little as pennies per day our plans are designed to help you achieve total dental health while keeping your budget in sight.

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Our Features:

Versatile Plans

Our affordable plan options provide you discounts on all types of dental services, From dental implants, to dental emergency treatment, you'll save big with Dental Connect.

Savings Up To 80%

Our Fair Fee Guarantee means you’ll pay the same price no matter which dentist in network you visit.

Same-Day Use

Dental Connect plans are good to use immediately. So whether your need is an emergency or just urgent, we’ve got you covered and saving.

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